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It has been over 28 years that the ISC opened its doors in Minyama, with the mission of diffusing the cultural riches of Italy through the teaching of the Italian language and the marvellous treasure trove of arts and lifestyle that makes Italy such a unique country.   The ISC  has brought to our community special moments that forever will be weaved  into the fabric of what makes the Sunshine Coast such a unique place.

Who can forget the annual Taste of Italy festival, where participating schools from all over the Sunshine Coast entertained us with some of the most endearing theatrical representations and musical pieces with costumes and choreography and sets entirely created and designed by the students themselves, or the parade on Mooloolaba Beach of the “Sbandieratori” from Florence. What an engrossing and yet surreal spectacle that was; it left every one privileged enough to witness it, absolutely gobsmacked.  The Great classical theatre ensemble of Aida brought the finest of Italian Classical Costume theatre to students from the Sunshine Coast that otherwise would have never had a chance to witness such a special and rich cultural representation.  The parades in mask through the streets of our townships, the Italian day school festivities, the Carnevale Balls, the coming to Australia of the divine Sofia Loren, the incredible Italian teaching program offered to over 20,000 students in our state, the impressive range of scholastic publications created for the learning of the Italian language,  the continuous assistance and services rendered free of charge to our Senior Citizens and pensioners, the incessant aids and moral support for all immigrants that have passed thought the Committees doors looking for help and direction, and just a few words that would make them feel at home in a foreign country.  These are only some of the activities that the ISC under the direction of Signora Gabriella Mattachioni has incessantly offered with an open heart and a smile, along with some words of encouragement in her delightful Italian-English language and a cup of impeccably made Italian coffee for any one that walked into the offices of the ISC.

It is this sort of spirit that needs to be supported and kept alive. The Italianissimo Committee of our Sunshine Coast is asking for a donation.

If you were ever a recipient of the many services that the ISC has performed for the benefit of the Sunshine Coast Community for the last 28 years, or if you enjoyed any of the activities and festivities that the I.S.C. has produced throughout its history, it is now the time to let them know how much we appreciate their work. Please go to the bottom of this page or any other page in our blog and send a donation, your money will go to work to provide greatly needed assistance in allowing the ISC to continue their work.  Grazie a tutti e arrivederci.