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Resource Centre

The Italian School Committee Resource Centre has one of Australia’s largest collection of books and multi media resources relating to Italian Culture and language. It is open to the public and members may borrow movies, books, magazines, music, CD Roms, language tapes etc…… We also hold our night classes in the Resource Centre.The Intercultural Community Development Centre has worked for the past sixteen years to promote quality language teaching and learning in schools across the Sunshine Coast in Qld. With this experience we have developed a series of Language support materials, for sale, called ‘Andiamo in Italia’ to teach Italian, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

LOOK! Our resource centre is being updated with new resources & equipment:

The Intercultural Community Development Centre is a non profit organisation receiving a funding contribution from the Italian Government. The Centre gratefully acknowledges The Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund for providing $25,924 to The Intercultural Community Development Centre for the purpose of upgrading our computer network.

The Intercultural Community Development Centre, its members, teachers & students are very grateful for these funds as it will enable us to provide much needed equipment to modernise the Resource Centre and assist us to provide computer skilling to our members.

funded by the community benefit fundThis project was proudly funded by
The Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund .

Language Books

Andiamo in Italia: is intended to support teachers who are implementing LOTE programs in providing language skills and activities which promote culturally appropriate communicative interaction in context.
Andiamo in Italia has been developed to:provide a framework to assist teachers in developing, implementing and evaluating an effective Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum, develop language skills which enable the learner to manipulate the language in a confident manner and to demonstrate their knowledge with others. The materials highlight the value of LOTE learning and its contribution to establishing the foundations for lifelong learning. They provide suggestions of language functions for the linguistic content of the LOTE program & promote & develop mentally, socially and culturally appropriate opportunities and outcomes for children learning another languages.

The Activity books become a handy reference and source of pride for students as they can take the activity book to new schools when transferring and to show their progress to their family.
Teachers Manuals which are easy to follow, complement the activity books with alternative activities and are easily adaptable to specific teacher or classroom needs

The materials also extended to the upper primary levels with the introduction of our ‘Qui Italia’ – activity books. In support of this we have also produced a new activity book called ‘Italia in Festa’. This resource is a book of activities and cultural games designed to teach through the celebration of such events as – Natale, Pasqua and il Carnevale.

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