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For more than 25 years  The I.S.C.  has created, produced, published and distribute worldwide, some of the best didactic material used for the teaching and learning of the Italian language.

You can now buy these books on line by simply following the link to our E-Site: 

Language support material for Learning Italian Activity Book Level 1 to 7

Please note:

  • Each booklet contains useful basic language activities purposely provided for the fast learning of the Italian language in a fun and playful way
  • In NO WAY the Andiamo in Italia publications have to be considered a Program which covers every aspect of the complete learning outcomes. ACARA will provide that in due course, but not in the near future
  • However, based on 1 lesson per week OF MAXIMUM 30 MINUTES per class, the Andiamo in Italia booklets, expertly written by teachers for teachers, and linked to each year level progressive learning development, provide the language teacher a great help for engaging the class in a clear and positive learning atmosphere. In other words, no wasting time in photocopying, asking kids to glue each sheet in their botany book, provide for those who miss a lesson and so on….
  • So these blessed Andiamo in Italia booklets are a time saver and cost the equivalent of one KFC meal!
  • In Language Learning there is not such a thing as “IN LINE WITH THE CURRICULUM”. The language is the language, nothing change in the content, maybe we can change the way in delivering the content, but the rest is always the same, CIAO is CIAO, Buongiorno is Buongiorno and so is Arrivederci. Thanks to the dedication of the ANDIAMO in ITALIA team, these booklets have been revised, reviewed and updated 4 times since the first publication in 1987. The content has been copied, manipulated and adopted by other language companies, none however could achieve our aim in providing a quality products at an unbeatable price. In Italy we say Chi non ti vuole o chi ti vuole a basso prezzo, non ti merita”. Which means “who doesn’t want you or wants you at a low price, does not deserve you’.
  • The Andiamo in Italia booklets are on line also at the Italian School Committee Website and available for consultation any time. We are in the process of extending the Level 1 and 2 booklets in adding extra activity pages to cover for the Gifted and Talented students who want to learn more and are above the average.

Teaching Children Italian is the home of educational resource materials for English speaking kids learning to speak Italian. We provide quality, stimulating and proven Italian language activity books for complete beginners and students across all achievement levels. Perfect for home and school and now available for instant download! Help your kids to speak and understand Italian today!


You can now buy these books on line by simply following the link to our E-Site: